Thoughts of a Mother

What Happened

Walking down the street not caring about the time or place
Looking at the young men like they got time to waste
What happened to planning our futures trying to be lawyers and doctors
Instead youngsters today trying to be the new roc-a-flocka
What happened to kids having dreams and parents making sure they succeed
Telling them they can be anything and makings sure they take the steps to proceed
What happened to hooked on phonics and kids taking spelling test
Nowadays kids are out own there own and parents are caring less
Its like the message to wait til marriage is no longer around
Its like fornication is in cuz they 8 and 9 year old boys and girls are down
Everybody's on a imma do me but what happened to me being us
No one wants to put in work for the relationship instead the message is i dont give a F#*K
Most chicks I know don't even know their sex partners first and last name
Everyone is walking around like lifes one big damn game
Morals, self esteem, and self respect seem like they no longer exist
Now let that marinate and let me know what else did i miss

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What Happened

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