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 A Winter Run

Feeling dead in my soul, needing a kick;
The cold wind blows, an idea totally sick.
Dressed in layers, mittens, and my ear muff;
Going for a winter run, seeing if I'm tough.

At first, the blast of wind in my face numbs,
Tingling throughout, down to my thumbs.
My eyes water against the cold air and sun;
Joining me is a good friend for a winter run.

From the numbness comes a powerful heat;
Internal fires kick up, sweat down to my feet.
Alive! Alert! In tune with Mother Earth's fury;
A winter run in the woods, it begins to flurry.

A smile freezes on my face, I feel the flame;
Whatever we do outside, I'm always game.
Icy sweat freezes on my face as we move;
Loving a winter run, my nerves do soothe.

Seeing my breath, air in my lungs expanding;
Digging deep, this run is very demanding.
Call me anytime you want to go into the cold;
Knowing a winter run is worth more than gold.


It was 16 degrees when Cate and I
ran into the woods behind the YMCA.

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