once upon a time

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We all begin the same and all
End up at the same destination: - dying.
This place where we are journeying through
  Is called life how we react
 To events along the way decides
 If our journey is worthwhile
Decisions made, and acted upon
 All have consequences

This tale of living has to include
The one constant in lives travels
  From this place where we started,
Its called love, to be loved,
 And to be in love we cannot
Stand back ever, and state
 We have never been in love

Love is a state of being you,
  Me, us, and them, the human race
This place where we all started from
  loving, it starts before our eyes
Twirls us around then either holds on
 Tightly or spins of into eternity

Leaving us to decide did we know
 From whence we started
I don't think any of us ever know
, though this place where
It all started is a wonderment of life,
 One which the only understanding is:-
 There is:-No understanding.

Let's travel onwards
 Towards our ending being
The very best we can be
 at living, and loving
This place where we all start
 is called –Humanities journey.  

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