once upon a time

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Time can be likened to a teardrop on the cheek of the world.
Let’s reflect on old and new moments of time in our everyday lives.
Moments in time we  take no notice of and miss the beauty of life.
The newborn child’s cry.
The sound of love is heard if  we listen and learn to accept any adversity that befalls the child.

This child comes to live in our hearts.
Listening to and loving the child we know that sound.
It cries out the beauty of life:-God is love.
Welcome winter, and summer into your time.

All loved filled memories children remember.
Give thanks for everyday they spend with you.
Lend your moments in time gracefully and
you shall find peace reigning within your mind.

Time is fleeting and as the teardrop can be wiped away so too can happiness.
We all need to live in the day.
Seeking to make good use of our lives, reach out to the children of the world.
Say I love you - it's a simple prayer.

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