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Wisdom and justice
sit to watch us
Sharing their tea
with mixed symbology

Guardian watchers
Wanderers of the night
Shadows illuminate
One eye upon future with optimistic guide
The other calls for swift judgment
of the blind leading the blind

Ready for the call of the feast
and the plucking of a mortal eye
Patience is the stride
Knowing the time

The balance between white and black
Where harmony meets in future's glance back

Be it LIFE
Be it death

Each with their assignments
In the land in which we jest

Who exactly is the owner or the pet
Choose the Master of the strings of each puppet

Free will a gift
Given ~ wrapped with a bow
They watch to see which way we will decide to go

Between the owl and the raven
All is seen through our behavin'
Stranger than fiction
They record the diction

The blink of each eye
in rhythmic metered rhyme

Back to back
ever awaiting
the silent attack

When the chords are finally stripped bare
Every warning pronounced throughout the air
The caw and crooning
Screeching and screaming
Where sighs run the depths dry

They will mount up
For their decisive flight

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