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My Need for Prayer


Have you ever had a day when nothing goes right?
So many problems you can’t sleep at night!
Yesterday was a day so hectic for me
I had such a migraine I could barely see;

I tossed and turned, rubbing my temple,
Until I realized I was about to burst a big pimple;
If I kept it up I was gonna disfigure my face!
"Calm down, breathe deep, relax your pace."

I suddenly remembered I hadn’t prayed all day;
That's what I needed to calm down. To pray!
I started feeling that familiar tranquility and peace,
From so much emotional stress I needed release.

I pray incessantly to my God above,
I need constant protection of his warmth and love;
I can't believe I experienced a day like yesterday,
An entire day without taking time out to pray!

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My Need for Prayer