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 The Question?

Do the Stars and Stripes yet wave in the
land of the free or is it dropped at half mast,
forever to be

Are our days of glory just dust in the wind,
wars we fight but no longer seem to win

Troubles in our land that used to be
so grand, to  apathy, taxes and sin

The once all might dollar, now
hardly worth enough to pay the barber

The statue of Liberty, the Golden
 Gate and our Southwest borders
 have they sealed our fate

Do our enemies within smirk and grin
as they wait to bomb our cities once again

Have we given away our sovereignty to
illegal aliens, Firth Columnist,  poverty,
gloom and strife

Questions that will have to be answered
 by our Grandchildren's hard earned life!

Jackie R. Kays

No, I'm a defeatist, just a concerned American.

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