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I lost my virginity in nineteen sixty two
One of those things we all eventually do:
Did the trumpets sound and angels sing?
To tell the truth I don't remember thing.
I woke up cuddled in the arms
Of an older lady of ample charms.
It must have been ok from what she said
And by the wreckage of that hotel bed.

We'd started drinking on the leave plane
And carried on on the Smoke bound train
With one or two at a Victoria Station bar
And I sort of remember climbing into a car.
We eventually dressed and set off forth
She going south and me going north
Parting at a taxi rank
As I muttered an embarrassed thanks.

And wondering what on earth I'd say
On arriving home for leave late by a day;
And at the back of my mind a niggling doubt
What the boys would say if they found out
I'd broken my duck with a sergeant W R A.C
And what she'd say when she next saw me.
Yes I lost my virginity in nineteen sixty two
But not quite the way I'd expected to.

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