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 the countdown/he has been set free
I am a man
I was a child
but once the doorway was opened
I pursued
I do not do ritualistic things that would intentionally go against my Creator's design
"What is the Creators design you might say, and how do you know this?"
those questions are answered very easily

the Creators design is nature
it is a simple design that causes everything to coincide/coexist
the design being lived on Earth today
is NOT the Creators' design
I know this because I have
listened to my heart
watched with my eyes
allowed the Creator to develop my soul
rather than seek after temporary distractions
which only wear thin the soul

look at a tree, then a telephone pole
look at the Earth (dirt or sand), then the concrete
look at a natural pond, then look at a swimming pool
look at a prophet, then look at a profit
look at a good thing, look at the words they use for good now
look at a human, then look at a computer
each item is made to replace the other
a transubstantiation of one thing to the next
it has been happening slowly
it's developer working diligently
it's inevitable end result
is to either enslave humans
terminate them

there are certain basic fundamental principalities of truth
that have been distorted
by profiteering control hungry madmen

an angel fell
he was banished
he was imprisoned
that does  not stop him from affecting those around him
he has been in control of the top minds on this planet
since the  beginning of his stay (once he discovered he could)
this is the being that is currently being worshiped as God by the majority

the last true believers
worshipers of the True Creator
the Pagans
since their time mighty alliances have formed up
to take over control of the land
1st by ending the true practices of the people
worshiping the Creator
then by absorbing their practices but make mockeries of them
in order to show their strength

ohh...Roman Catholic Church, mother of all churches
you are the catalyst for Lucifer...
you have progressively affected every living thing
on this planet
you have created these hypocrisies they call "Holy Days"
broken them apart from what they were to truly mean
you have handed the people poison
called it Gods' word

now your leader is among us
he has broken free of his prison
he will in fact betray even you
laugh as you bleed
all your daughters as well (other denominations)
he is not here for you
could not bow to you
this is why he fell
he has been in control
changing history
telling lies
to the ones who'd listen
the ones who needed power
making his army
against God
this is the condition of the majority of the world
they are a part of the army against God
under the ruse it is God

God needs no army
the Creator has no use for such lack of free will
we were made to enjoy life to be free
yet so many
sign up to be a slave
buy into the lies
play the game
if they only knew how much that is going to cost them...
the time is short as time is moving faster now
those of you that can
break away
do not continue to play the game
your eyes will be opened
you will then be disgusted at the condition of the world

it is in everything
in every aspect of our lives
so be strong
be prepared
living this life the way it was meant is a total 180 degrees of what the majority does

it seems that it is ok
normal to do what they do
but they most likely do not even understand
the true implications of their actions
in ancient times they would not move unless it served a specific purpose
as in a dance
each movement signifies a philosophy or relatable symbol
each very significant
defining of a discipline in which the performer serves or agrees with

please wake up
there is not much time
the animal is lose
he's going to come as pleasant as can be, smiling
you'd never guess what he does once the cameras are off

God (the Creator) needs no army
needs nothing of money
or industry
He just needs you to live
listen to the silence
believe in your heart
be free
this is the greatest example of how to please
your true Creator

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