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Time has not been kind to us
carving lines from passing years,
little laughter wrinkles and, maybe
almost tracks of unshed tears.
My hair is thinning and
both of us are white,
we have our teeth and hearing
and both have kept our sight;
but it is her voice that matters
and when I close my eyes to hear
the transformation is sudden and a
very different picture starts to appear.

her fine naked body  breasts high and trim
my hands on a waist almost my grip slim
sharing a bath sharing the day
sharing a love in our unrestrained way
the rhythm drives water over to the floor
stopped by the towels we'd piled by the door
as we both grasped and held onto our dream
in that cold room filled with wispy steam

My eyes open, look into hers
and I think perhaps I see,
from the expression on her face
she remembers like me.
She reaches out towards me
and we clasp now aged hands,
just for a poignant moment,
then she laughs and stands
and we pair of onetime lovers,
who broke all the rules,
stand there giggling like
a pair of silly adolescent fools.

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