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At One Time I Loved Winter


There are many memories of winters past
When as a child I had played for hours
Building snow forts and many a snowman

Where we all had many snowball fights too
There was an ice skating rink at the park
We even had this big sledding hill there

We played "King Of The Castle" out there
At the top of these huge snow piles made
By snowplows clearing off the parking lot

Back in my younger days we had adventures
We would go play outside with our friends
And the cold and wet snow didn't bother us

But now well over fifty years have gone by
That old sledding hill has long been gone
Seems the city was worried about liability

If a child got hurt playing at the city park
Well now days their parents sue for millions
They don't want the risk so the hill is gone

Now these things that all the kids used to do
Are one by one disappearing what is left to do
Many just stay inside they never want to go out

Becoming little zombies hooked on video games
They're watching these so called reality shows
That have nothing at all to do with any reality

They'll never know those experiences we knew
They won't have any memories that last forever
Great adventures like we had with our friends

At one time I loved winter and all of it's fun
Now this old man has to many aches and pains
So now I just prefer the summer at my old age

Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.

Cold weather has this way of making these old bones hurt
way to much to now enjoy the winter season but as a kid
growing up I truly loved that time of the year when we
created so many adventures outside with our friends.

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