once upon a time


Guess you don't mind if we shower you with missiles. You do mind!
You'll find no one who speaks out for the oppressed.
The world doesn't care as long as they can't feel your pain.
Their apathy says that after all you deserved it.
What it is, doesn't matter it's just because we can.

Think we got here by giving a damn such as asking do you mind.
Especially people who believe they own the land we invade
Now, where were we? Oh yes, going to destroy you.

All we have to do for approval is utter the mind blowing term ‘the people' understand.
Then we can huff and puff and blow your homes down.
The world will utter brief cries of lament such as, Oh my God!
Watching your homes topple down.

But we are America, Saudi, Germany, and England
And you do as we say. Why? Because we are benevolent
At Christmas we will send you Santa in a gunship.
His sleigh spewing forth his presents of oppression

You can give thanks for your child's gift, maimed, blinded, dying.
We realize you are thankful for the poverty caused by your surrender.
Surrender to the winds of power. After all we know you don't mind
That we misused our power and invaded your homeland

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