once upon a time

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Mary watts

It's sad we are getting old Mary,
But you know, this hair may be Grey now
though my heart is still as fair, as  
on the day I first met you.my love,
from then it belonged to you, Mary Watts.

Now as I sit, and remember
those days we wandered,and
I held you in my arms,
my lovely Mary, I miss your kiss.

Those days of yore may now be passed Mary.
To me you are always the dancing girl.
Held lightly in my arms,and we swirled around
Our dance hall of dreams, my lovely Mary Watts.

You will always remain my one love.
I remember days we enjoyed the
beauty of sunsets.
Mary you will be, forever young.
I close my eyes,and
drift into this endless sleep.
You shall not hear my voice sighing,  
I loved only you:- Mary Watts

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