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the Priest sucked in his Four Star Brandy
hoping that a drunken release
would help him with his conflict
in an alcoholic sleep of peace
the alky swigged his cider
vintage cheap and strong
the crutch to his addiction
making existence crawl along

from separate drunken corners
each in his own private hell
they were taken by the police
to share the same dingy cell
one having achieved the sought
but only temporary relief
from the stress and the doubt
in the strength of his belief

the other just existing
in his world of sleeping rough
which achieved a sort of stability
if he could only drink enough
one was given a caution
for any man can once fall
the other was jailed
with no sympathy at all

one preached from his pulpit
about the dangers of a hell
as the other spent that Sunday
Morning slopping out his cell
in this world of contradictions
preconceptions can hold sway
as the alky and the priest were each
assessed in society's preconditioned way

and the Charity collector
stood and shook his tin
pleased by the growing weight
as the passers slid coinage in
a cheap way to ease a conscience
that really didn't give a damn
about the stresses and strains suffered
in this strangely unequal world of Man

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