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 Two Lonely People

The naysayers smiled and said, "At your age,
you will never experience love again!"

There you were, three hundred miles away…
lonely and crying everyday!
There I was, three hundred miles,
lonely and pining away!

But, what do they know?
Fate had its way of making
things possible for you
and me, on that reunion day!

Two lonely people…
Our yesterdays are all
 gone, but we have today,,,
 no matter what the
 naysayers may say!

Young or old…
no one is promised
tomorrow, so we'll
take it day by day
and love each other
through sunshine or
sky's of gray.

Two lonely people…
We shall have silver and gold,
and hold and kiss each other so
passionately bold!

Two lonely people…
Memories, we shall forever hold
in our hearts, forever told to those
naysayers so ugly and cold!

Two lonely people…
no more!
We'll sing in the sunshine
and dance in the rain, for two
lovers we shall forever remain!

Yes…Our yesterdays are all gone,
but we have each other forever more
and that's all we need…
for who are they to say; "We're
too old to pass through love's

Dedicated to my beautiful wife…Wanda!

Jackie R. Kays
© 12/29/10

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