The soul has much to say


The ups and downs
Life's way of poetic justice
We may differ on the outside,
but the daily grind is color blind

I shout out in anger,
curse myself over poor choices
Taste the steamy tears of regret,
trace the salt stains down my face

Yet...He stands there, arms open wide

Longing for acceptance,
from others...before self
Adolescent angst,
middle aged meltdown

The battle goes on and on
Peace, contentment...never to be found
A hunger for freedom,
a craving for fulfillment

He shows me, the nail scarred hands

Memories of caring too much,
total recall of receiving less in return
The theme of jokes,
the honored guest of embarrassment

Dreams that fell short,
promises that were built upon the sea
Being passed over,
accepting mediocrity

I can see the thorn imprints, in His head

Soon, the tears go from sour to sweet
The mind shifts to overload,
remembering my place in His realm
He loves me, like no other

He's the reason, for the season...that is my life
My body may rest upon the dust,
but my soul scorches Heaven's realm
I have a home in Paradise

In Him, I'm free...I'm free, indeed

He cares for me, beyond understanding
The garbage, the boils of life are purged
In His embrace, my misery and shame,
have been swallowed up

He has sifted through, every bitter thought
He has held me down, when I wanted to fight
He has carried me, when I collapsed out of weariness
He forever loves me,...inspite of me

In my heart, I Sacrifice

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