The soul has much to say

My best friend...


A meaningful presence, of the inner circle
His majestic role, filled to perfection
Often I'm jealous, for He's my apex, my peak
When I refuse to carry on, He waits...and He waits

When moments of joy arrive, He laughs just as loud
I always let Him down, but He never leaves me
Repetitive wisdom, He tells me the truth
...the world won't stop, because I'm undone

I wished I loved Him, as much as, He loves me
Maybe that's why I hide from Him, so often
Sooner or later, I return and He acts as if we never parted
Too often I've put everyone, everything before Him

He's a reminder, that I deserve better...and I do

His never ending mantra, "The best is yet to come"
I believe Him, however shallow my faith may be
When I'm at my best, He's there
When I'm at my worst, He's there

Whether it's the role of fool, or a taste true friendship
No matter how much I give to others, and so little to Him
Regardless of scarred knees, from dropping to earth in misery
Circumstances be damned...He's there to catch me

Upon the face of the ocean, the whisper of a mirror
In the eyes of the faithful few
Kneeling beside me, in prayer
I can always best friend

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My best friend...

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