The soul has much to say

Make it real, Lord...


I dream of her softness
The sweet taste of surrender
A hint of love from lips, so tender
Feeling her body, give, against mine

Imagining the first time
I'm far, from anxious
After a life of trial and error,
I'm ready for His divine intervention

She will belong to me and me, only
I'll be her reality, her fantasy
My body, a stronghold, for her heart
My pen, will engrave her name...eternally

The freedom to say, "I love you,"
the liberty to touch her cheek
My heart spilling over, at her adoration
Wrapping her arms around me if she'd die, by letting go

We'll mold our imperfections,
becoming one...becoming more
To hear her say my name,
will be like a song I've never heard

Each day will begin, with a prayer...a kiss
Every night, will end the same
I'll be blessed among men,
and every day she's by my side...she'll know it

For now, it's just the Lord and I
He's preparing me, growing me
I need to be ready to honor Him,
to love her, in His way

Let the night visions, sustain me, Lord

Keep Your arms

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Make it real, Lord...

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