The soul has much to say

A child of the King...


I woke up with a sweet taste in my mouth
The walls of my heart, overflowing with newness
My bitterness, carried away by the Spirit, like a vapor
Fiction, was the expectation, of an empty heart

Fact, was a refreshing, long overdue

Expressing anger, a disillusioned cry
An empty voice, an vacant rant
Trying to fill the universe, with cursing
Looking towards Heaven, out of gratitude

Why soil a perfectly, disinfected soul?

The ability to fill a page, with finite themes
Yet, my pen won't spit out, ink of ill will
It won't choke on regurgitated, puss
That is not His will, for me

My calling?... to honor the Him

Even now, I try to toss words of destruction
As you can read, I'm not saying as such
Knowing my flow is under His direction,
I can sense relief coming from somewhere

Her fragrance fills, the January winds

Ever graceful, for He has gifted us with memory
Ever merciful, for He has equipped us...with forgetfulness
He hems tattered thoughts, into greater visions
He replaces broken promises, with His faithfulness

A gleam in the eye of the DayStar, I'm a child...of the King

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A child of the King...

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