The soul has much to say



The mind wanders
Nocturnal sitcoms
Reopen old wounds, massive bleeding?
Preview of miracles, aching to happen?

Dreaming in color
Trust me, it's possible
True feelings, unveiled think?

Madness, reformed
Hope, in its primal state
When we expire, what we see in the dark
Both, out of our control

Close my eyes, see the path
Roads paved, by the heart
The soul, a traffic light
Red, means, "Not tonight"

Repeat, episodes
Been there, done that
Total recall, in rainbow
The message?

...didn't get it the first time

Almost time for her arrival
My wife, in the unconscious
Not perfect, not flawless

Deep kiss, from the sun
Looking to God, for clarity
Use to crave the answers
Now...I'm not so sure

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