The soul has much to say

Essence of living...

Once, a barren land
A lack of joy
Emotional, inflation
Arid, snow

You walk out of the dawn
Blades of grass, petals of hope
A voice from above
The beating of my heart

Your skin drinks from the sun
Lips so full, pomegranate wine
Tears from your eyes,
I bathe

Curls of bronze, around your ear
A snapshot of Heaven
Your heartache, smile
...laughter, spirit

My winter, spring, summer...fall

Hair that christens, the northern wind
Angels, effortlessly, in flight
My imagination, refreshed
Floor of sand, now...a stage for paradise

Oasis, poured from your eyes
Aqua, emerald
Passion, pending
I owe you, my life

Acres of death, now...the essence of living

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Essence of living...

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