Beautiful Disaster


There is nothing I can say
And yet there's no other way
Nothing else I can do
But say I love you.
Show you, I would
If show you, I could.
To think I could ever...
No, I would never...
But somehow, through it all
You fell, and I let you fall.
So afraid of my own fall
I built up and indestructable wall
But you tore through
Like I knew you would do
And siezed my heart in your hands
And voiced your demands
I paniced and so I ran
Into the arms of another man
And yet, I knew from the start
That you always held my heart
But I worked so hard
To love the worthless hard
And I had almost convinced myself
To put my desires on the shelf
And settle for that guy
But my parents exposed his lie
Conflicted guilt lifted from me
When I realized I was finally free
I could finally redeem my heart
And reunite with my missing part
Only to finally find
I wasn't on his mind
He'd found someone new
Someone else could do
Enraged, jealous, broken, confused
With nothing at all left to lose
She fell to his feet
Where her lips did meet
Crying and begging him to reconsider
Hiding her hurt by being bitter
Disgusted, he left her there
Turning back once, to glare
Stopping and turning back toward me
Pointing at a hole, for me to see
A hole where his heart should have been
And glancing down in my hands, his heart within
Shredded to bits by a careless hand
And my heart, like on holy land
Glaring again, he grabs my heart
And vows to rip it completely apart
Eyes dropping again, he throws it back
"Maybe that can fill, what you obviously lack!"
Finally understanding, quietly I stand
Pick it up, and place it back in his hand.  

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