The soul has much to say

Speak now...

The sun, veiled in flesh
I can tell, when you rise
My heart feels your warmth

Majestic ribbons, in the sky
I can tell, when you pray
My spirit bows, in surrender

I need you
I want you
I'm not worthy,...but I love you

You're on my mind
24 hour daydream
Tasting your kiss, in the wind

Looking into your eyes
Seeing the eternal, me
Raw power, childlike strength...all at once

Hands of a craftsman
Soul of a lover
Building my world, around you

Men long for fortune, fame
Wiping away your tears
...I live for this

My manna
The oasis, of my arid imagination
A nameless orchard

Rise, with me
Set, with me
Believe, in me

From Heaven, above
Out of life, below
All I'll ever ask you

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