The soul has much to say

A prayer for Jonah...


I know You have, Your reasons
There are things, beyond our understanding
Doesn't mean, You don't love us
For in Your whisper, You say, "Trust Me"

He's, but a tear drop, from Your eye
You guided his arrival, through a storm
Now, he faces a physical tempest
Yet, You have power, over every trial

A gift from Your hand
His parents give praise
They honor You, with their lives
Carriers of truth, to the lost

Tribulations and hardships
Born, not to curse life
Ordained, in order to draw us near
...and nearer still, to You

If Your grace, mercy, love be like rain
Lord, bathe us...refresh us
There's nothing too hard, for Thee
You long to bless, Your children

Hear my plea for healing
For Your glory,
for his parents sake,
...for Jonah

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A prayer for Jonah...

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