The soul has much to say

I feel like, Emilie...


True artistry, pure genius
Titles reserved for the few...the talented
The gift of speaking truth,
which in unorthodox trait

To the masses,
she's like a passing storm
To those who "get it,"
she's as refreshing, as red rain

A new millennium, pixie
A beautiful, wildfire
All woman, with a dash of little girl
Strawberry fragrance...emerald, eyes

Her heart, erupts from her throat
Her hands, play the strings of reality
Beyond compare, beyond words
Her message, her music...her soul

My virgin ears, seduced by a single lyric
She fed me, into the night
Didn't know how hungry, I was
Somehow...she did

I christen her, Beautiful madness

I feel like, a song
I feel like, love
I feel like, some peace of mind
I feel like,...Emilie

* Pictured above is the lovely, talented Emilie Autumn*

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I feel like, Emilie...

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