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 LOST (Quatrain)


I searched everywhere in my house, but I just cant find it
Am I losing my mind? but thats where I thought I just put it,
I dont get it, but some things seem to be getting always lost
I am getting so upset,it is like I'm losing my mind.

Where are those darn keys,and where is that card too?
I'm losing my drawing pencils and the ring I can't find,
Sometimes we all lose something around and thats so true;
It can be a set of keys,our money or something of any kind.

And by the time we may need it,it is nowhere to be found,
Things can get lost very easily and thats the way it goes,
No matter how careful we are,we just can't find them around,
Then when we're not looking,right there in front of our eyes are exposed.

Some things we lose forever and they can never be found, that you know,
But then like everything in life,some many things are not be found again or be own,
And sometimes, it is very easy to lose sight of many things like our love and the glow,
Of a sunrise or sunset,and of everyday things and people that we're supposed to know.

Sometimes we lose sight and perspective of so many things very important to us,
Many things that we should address like our own soul and people we just love true,
There are things that are so important,that we should never ever lose of,and that I confess,
But life is not just of winning,but sometimes,we all lose something dear to our hearts,too.  

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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