The soul has much to say

The season, that is my life...


Make me over, Lord
Renew my heart
Help me to be mindful, of mercy
I pray to start, anew

I lack, in many ways
Bruised from fighting battles,
torn open by cloaked weaponry
Wars...that weren't mine, to begin with

Grant me the gift of belief, once more
Don't let future endeavors,
suffer, from past angst
Provide me with, the miracle of...again

Surrender, at its most exquisite
I hide in You, my Stronghold
Your Word, a fiery sword,
quenching the worst of humanity

Continue to fashion this soul, in Your image
Praise You, for Your chastening
Thank You, for Your loving discipline
I've tasted, my consequence

...and it was bitter

Fill my mouth, with goodness
Be honored, by my worship
Let my plea of redemption,
ring in Your ears

You're the reason, for the season...that is my life

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The season, that is my life...

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