The soul has much to say



Struggling to reach, the surface
Light teases me, in the distance
The more I reach, the further I sink longer an option

My season of tribulation
Harvest of indifference
Hate days, like this
Always failing, to see its promise

I know, He's here
So hard, to hold onto
My grip, not that strong
Please...hold me, Lord

Pieces of me, elusive
Like gathering leaves,
against a northern wind
Wanting, to let it all go

No ones here
Even a part of myself,
longs to go elsewhere
Won't anyone...fix me?

There's no misery, here
No, depression
No, pain
...just me

Crawling out of my skin?
Too hard, to put back on
Going out of my mind?
Too hard, finding my way back

In the midst of fresh snow,
I'm going to stand
In the heart of January,
I'll whisper my prayers

Strong for others
Nothing left for me
My heart, my love
Help my unbelief

Hold me

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