The soul has much to say



Hips, in full sway
Romantic, sexy...hypnotic
Exquisite, intent
Seams of my sanity, bursting

She's warmth, on a summer night
The dance, of the elders
"uOjh"..."nzuri sana"
Cherokee or Swahili

Beautiful, in any language

"Making love, with no hands"
Meaning of the song,
redefining my heart
Surrender, found in my eyes

Ebony beach, her stage
The world, her audience
A body, unlike any other
Whispers in the wind, "You're mine"

Frenzied, pace
Dark curls, replace the clouds
My personal, tempest
Red lips, porcelain skin

Angelic, tornado

My hands, reaching
Catching, the perfect storm
A living flame, I become
She burns forever, within

Breathing in, salvation
The scent of dusk, in the air
Crystal waters, bathe our feet
Our flesh, fading with the sun

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