The soul has much to say


Fading wood, firmly entrenched
In the midst, of His creation
Stark, vision
Ancient love, resting upon a bench

Love lost, long ago
"Again," too elusive for me

The future says, "Hello"
Elderly, wise
Attractive at any age
Beautiful, sweet, like fine wine

His eyes, holding her forever
Is there anything else, worth seeing?
Her hand touches, his years
An erudite, face...accomplished

She bathes, in his warm embrace
Sealing every moment, with a kiss
A bond, that's true
A union carved, out of promise

Signs of age
Lines of sacrifice
Trails of old tears
Once, their love...unraveled

Gleam within their portals
Gifts of children, from above
Joyful, laughter
The product of grandchildren

Understanding, their genesis
My doubts, now erased
Walking off into, the evening
I saw you and me
I saw my

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