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 117. Astral Explosion
117. Astral Explosion

I love you!
I lust you!
I kiss you!
I touch you!
I hug you!!
Go astral and touch your soul!!!
Tingle you
Make your legs shake from it!!!
Go up into your chest
Love you from the inside out!

I'm going to bottle
This feeling
This energy
For you!
From me…
Here and now
To there and then

Tingling toes
Electrifying every cell from afar
Because just to think of you
Makes me smile
To the center of my core

Making every inch
Of the skin in your legs
Because my spirit
Is kissing yours.
Staying between your thighs
Gripping with my astral hands
Just inside the knees
Breathing with all my being.

Closing eyes and going inside your legs
Connecting to your energy
Running from the earth
Up through your body
Out the top of your head
Finding the rest of your
Beyond what is here
In this world.

You are inspiring me
Or rather letting me inspire on you
With you
Through you.

Your gender is
In spirit we are
Who we are
And neither.

Kneeling at the
Temple of
Your spirit
I enter
With my hands
With my heart
With my vision.

I am in all
Senses of the word
Inside you
As you are in me
Still there
In the root
Of your soul.

There is no nerve
I am not electrifying
From cherry to tip
Juices flow
Blood flows
Swells and fills.

It is as if from that place
I have pulled
Your breath
As they come in gasps

There is no way
To resist me
Or the love
Is the only way.

I envision you
Somewhere in
Mundane life
Gripping the counter
Hand to chest
Breathing fire
Wondering where
This has come from
That has ignited
Your loins
Quickened your heart
Blinded your mind
With bliss.

But there is more
To go
Up through your body
Up through your spirit
Traveling like an explorer
Would travel the world
With a sense of wonder
And awe
Of all I find
In you.

My heart to
Opening like
The flower
To the noonday
To find
The petals
Are as infinite
As the light
And love
We are sharing.

Your knees
Give into this
Like when
I've touched
All your secret
Spots that
Drive you
At once.

I find myself
At your neck
Delicious to
Run my spirit
Across this skin
As when the rest of me
Is warm against
Your chest
As I do this
To you
With you
In you.

I pour all
Of my spirit
Into kissing you
Feeling every part
Of your mouth
Through your mind
Delighting every
Fantasy I find there.

Your breaths
Now quick
Sounds guttural
In nature
Eyes closed to
Whatever world
You are sitting in
Because you can
No longer

What anyone else
Thinks now
Has faded

All that matters
Is what my spirit
And soul
Is doing
With yours,
Here and now.

Your muscles
Oblivious to
The public
Or private place
You are in.

I now merge
From toes
To the top
Of your
Blessed head…
Divinely connected
To every fiber
Lighting it up
Releasing all
That hold you back
From this moment
From screaming
From bliss.

Eyes shut tight
Muscles spasmed
All poised
For the present moment
Like the gift
I am giving you
Tingling from
Every skin cell
And hair follicle
The astral explosion
Of me coming
With you.

Can you feel
The love?
The carnal
Of me
On your

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