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 Is Life Luck or God's Control

If life on earth is based on luck
Will good deeds get you unstuck
Is it possible to reach your dreams
By magical fate appearing like steam

What if you had given time to your son
Could you have stopped tragedy done
Jesus says forgive, I did for you the same
On the cross, I took your regret and blame

What if the cancer was found sooner
Then his life could have lasted longer
God says your dad is now finally home
I am your comfort, you are never alone

My friend, our life is not luck or wishes
Evil is from the devil in every instance
Many situations in life we are powerless
God always sees us through nonetheless

"What if" thoughts are only speculation
Used by Satan as his way of deception
Trusting God, He gives us renewed hope
He never leaves us at the end of our rope

Diseases and suffering of painful trials
Cause some to doubt God out of denial
The more we understand His character
We see He is in control over all nature

God is sovereign, faithful, and trustworthy
Creator, Healer, Lamb of God, almighty
God who parted the waters of the Red Sea
Came to earth, paying all sins of you and me

Accepting His sacrifice, we have forgiveness
Only He brings full restoration and wholeness
Because Jesus lives, we now have eternal hope
In all our trials, He gives daily strength to cope

Ephesians 4:32 (ESV)
Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another,
as God in Christ forgave you.

Psalm 47:8 (ESV)
God reigns over the nations; God sits on his holy throne.

Carol Salter 1/13/11

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