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Written by Loi in January 6, 2011

I always shop in Wegman's
for the food, good or bad
in which one should I choose?
Good or bad?
I should choose the good food
Because of my body need it
for life
if I choose the good food,
then my body will say thank you

how can I live without Wegman's?
Well, there are many good
grocery options
Such like Wal-Mart Supermarket
Centre, Price Rite, Aldi,
and so on
I can take a bus to the
‘Cause I love Wegman's!
Wegman's provide me a
healthy food
It's have vegetables, fruits,
whole wheat grain bread,
soy milk, yogurt, tea, etc.
I am thinking about to
become a vegetarian
I want to eat vegetables every day
and so that I can live.

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