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 The Devil's Advocates

There are Naysayers that always say…Nay!
There are positive thinkers that always say;
There's the middle man that doesn't know what
to say, so he's says; Maybe!

There are leaders, followers and desperadoes.
There are false prophets, liars, cheaters, diverters,
Snitches, do-gooders, turncoats, wannabes and

There are all kinds of crooks; bank robbers, scam
artists, lawyers, bankers, used car salesmen, Realtors,
financial advisers and worst of all; crooked politicians!

There are; murderers, rapist, wife beaters, child molesters,
haters, muggers, jailbirds, pick -pockets, dopers and
gumball thieves!

Then we have the bottom feeders:
With our disdain and disgust one day they crawled
from under a slimy rock;
The Flag burners, traitors, and last but not least;
The Kansas Westboro Baptist church military
funeral protesters!

They are blasphemous and without a doubt,
the devil's advocates!

 May the burn in hell!
 “Burn Baby burn!”

Jackie R. Kays
© 1/15/11

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