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Just to talk about this
in my service days
was enough for Court Martial
and maybe cell keys thrown away.

They gave me my headset when I started my course,
The sending and the taking of messages in Morse;
Then to Germany where I spent most of three years
Tethered to a Racal receiver, headset clamped to my ears.
And all those sets were manned all around the clock
In my case to listen to the network of mighty Third Shock,
The Army that would have probably led the way
On the much feared Western Europe Invasion day.
Of course it never happened, the Iron Curtain fell
Leaving so many of those countries with civil war's hell.
The Cold War was over, Communism at a virtual end
So we're all capitalists now and old enemies are friends.
I'm proud to be of that secret army that sat for years
Working for the peace with headsets clamped to ears.

Some times secrets are best kept
and sometimes some things best not told
until circumstances change
or they become far too outdated and old.

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