The soul has much to say

My season...


There's a peace, in letting go
Hurt, relationships,...self
A blessed free fall, into His hands
I have been exposed, in recent days

Heartbreaking...being seen, this way

Another landmark day, early October
The prayer, that filled His ears
The hope, that washed over my spirit  
My hands, my imagination at last

In becoming nothing,
He now...can make me, into something
It starts, with self-inspection
It ends, with the same

The inner pros and cons
One list, so much longer, than the other
Paid a visit, to a friend of my youth
Told her, I was sorry...couldn't see the beams

My eyes, betrayed me

Give an account, for recent vintage
The words, sleep on my tongue
Through all of it, love paid a visit
I had wanted it to stay...

Have to go, now
Time, for His word
I'm anxious to be fed
Before His throne, I kneel

Examination, by the Great Physician

It is well, with my soul

To those, who've shed tears over knowing me,
loving me,
befriending me,
forgive my intrusion upon your life

I'm a progress

*Please enjoy the sounds of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, below. God Bless*

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My season...

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