The soul has much to say


Maybe, I'll head east
Catch the latest, winter fest
The carnival of ice and snow
Win a stranger, a stuffed teddy

Comforting, a heart...on a cold night

Perhaps, a journey south
Be refreshed by my family's love,
look up an old friend
Southern, hospitality

...there's nothing like it

Extended an invite, to my issues
They claim, they're too busy
"We'll be here, when you return"...they say
"I know...I know" my reply

Oh, yeah...the wild, wild west
Where people, walk on their dreams
Cucumber, strawberry scents
Everybody knows, somebody

...but they don't, know me

Looking to the north, I take a pass
Kisses, a prerequisite, to keep warm
My heart's still, tender
It might be, awhile might be awhile

Lord, all I ask is to settle, one day
A loving woman, unpaved future, in hand
Give her an embrace, from me
I'm on the road, to...Serenity

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