The soul has much to say

Realm...of the senses


Apricot, flesh
Your thoughts,
clouds floating...on my sunny day
The cloak of night, your crown of ebony
Scents of Eden, aroma of perfection

Nameless orchids...God's taking, His time

Every curve, melting in my hands
Halted, breath
Sensuous, thief
Stealing, your heart
Guilty, plea

Possession, 9/10...of my law

Bottomless, kiss
Tasting, your purpose
Never been here, before
I'm not leaving, any time, soon
Curl up, into my arms

...I'll dance, for the both of us

The neighbors, complain
Logic, next door
Self control, across the way
Ask me, if I care
They wish, they were us

I dream of you,...while I'm with you

No more, words
From my mouth, my pen
Come, here
I won't be, denied
You...won't ever forget

Time to unlace, our inhibitions

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Realm...of the senses

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