The soul has much to say



Ravishing, to the extreme
Her flesh, toned
The spirit within, an eternal flame
Her heritage, means so much

His much, more

A shining star, in the smokey mount
The beacon, of his heart
Tennessee's best, a princess, if you will
An orchid, of the Most High great-grandmother


The soul of a preacher
Rebel with a cause, out west
Virginia, bred...a man's man
Looking for his place, in the world

He saw the light...he saw her face

Drawn to her, to his destiny
Hundreds of miles, by foot
Blazing a trail, God had paved
A prince, a servant...a hero great-grandfather


The sunset, tastes evolution
A little richer, a little lighter
Man holds no power,
over the strength of love

...two symbols, of courage

Collision, of cultures
Birth of hope
Reaching into my past,
in order to cradle, my future bloodline

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