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Our assault rifles and pistols at the ready,
Taking aim and holding steady,
At political rallies circling the wagons
With our rallying call,
"Get them in your cross-hairs y'all;"

It's time to vote on the resolution
Sanctioning more Second Amendment Solutions,
We must kill federal judges,
Politicians and even little girls
To bring attention to our plight in this world,

We want our country back,
It was stolen by the Communist,Liberals
Mexicans and Blacks,
We vow to do what it takes,
We will resist and overwhelm them like an earthquake,

We won't quit our Tea Party tactics,
We are tired of this diversity Sh_t,
We'll whip into submission
Those unpatriotic psychotics,

Our goal is taking our country back
From those Liberals, Communist, Mexicans and Blacks,

Tucson was just a dressed rehearsal,
Onward, towards the white house
We'll put him in front of the trigger,
We'll show that bigger ni__er
Who is really in charge,
We can stop him from being on top,
Living WHITE HOUSE large,

Time for all supremacist to stand tall,
Let’s take back our country y'all.


Habib Abu Lateef


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