once upon a time


We caused it to happen through hard work and
dedication.  Now is our time to celebrate, take this time
to laugh, smile and seize the day.   This moment
in time, when we accept victory over selfishness,
is always to be cherished and nurtured.

Simpler in time of adversity to have walked away,
never looked back and what then?   We would always
regret we weren’t strong or selfless enough to help a lover.
Their pain, not ours, their suffering, not ours.   Though when
in love our partner’s pain, joyfulness and suffering are a part of us

That is when we must be the best we can be and carte deim.
And now, now that we stayed, fought the fight of life and gained victory.
Lift up your heart.   Smile, cry, laugh and celebrate this is our day.
One word sums up the reason for being joyous {ours} not me - not I.

But instead it’s us gaining a worthwhile victory over adversity.
Yesterday is gone now and tomorrow has not arrived.  
All we need is our happiness.
On this day we can say. We were there.


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