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She'd show how much she loved me
she said, but I'm not sure of the amount;
forty seven different ways I think
but I really nearly lost count.
She ducked and she dived,
she gyrated and she turned
to show me every trick
I think she'd ever learned.
My heart it was pounding.
I was in a state of shock.
I think I was only saved
by my old alarm clock.
She leapt from the bed
across to the chair
swiftly getting dressed
from her clothes piled there.
She said she was sorry,
she'd much rather stay with me
but she just couldn't be late
to make her husband's tea.
She told me she loved me
and just couldn't wait until when
she'd be back to show
just how much again.
I considered moving houses,
then I thought just why?
I may not survive our next encounter
but what a pleasant a way to die.

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