The soul has much to say

My door...(Redux)

To me, a familiar presence
Yet, new, to my doorstep
The air feels, different
...but not, my soul

Her voice,
the wind of my dreams
of a beautiful sadness

My name,
etched in eternity
The page,
be that of her heart

The forsaken,
a jaded past, colored in blue
The here and now,
..."I love you," she says

Catching a tear,
before crashing to earth
A unique snow globe,
I can see...our tomorrow

A weary angel,
in the arms of her Samson
Many miles,
have abused her tender feet

Warm fire,
refreshing zinfandel
French kiss,
stoking the embers...of her spirit

"Why?" is my, mantra
Head bowed, pure silence my reward
Understanding is found,
deep in the evening

Souls, purged by the moonlight
Introductions, are in order
"Who are you?" is my, plea
In her, angelic, tongue

"Let me stay, forever...and I'll tell you"

The warmth of morning
Realizing, the truth
The mind, a grand magician
It was only, a vision...of the night

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My door...(Redux)

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