once upon a time

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The true friends we have in life
Are to be likened to a flower that
Shall never fade away,

That perennial steadfastness
There to depend upon everyday
Oft times we accept, and do not give thanks

Forgetting that a true friend is a guardian angel
Through joy, hurt, pain, and death the comforting
Cadence from their voice never fades.

On this day, the only one we have, say I appreciate
You, and give thanks to whomever God you love
That never once did you say to him-Hes worthless,
And simply walk away

In our stormy times, and hoar- frost filled days
There is always a lighthouse guiding us to safe harbour

And beneath that hoar- frost covered ground lies
Always the flower of life that never dies

That flower is simply known as friendship that
Never fades away

To Tony Kieran and, Geraldine his perennial flower of many years. Sunday, 23 January 20

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