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That was our first time,
certainly not the last,
that beautiful occasion
recalled from my past.
She smiled at me sadly there in my arms
murmured she‘d back again for more,
said that never in her life
had she been loved in that way before.

He just didn't seem, she said,
to consider her needs,
took sex when it suited as
a sort of shameful deed.
But this afternoon we had lain
and explored and loved for hours
unleashed in both bodies
unexpectedly wild powers.

She kissed me in thanks,
kissed me with a fire
so that again we had soon
stirred up strong desire,

with such an energy
that was never fully abated
until what seemed much later
both the bodies were sated
and I lay in the bed
watching her dress
suppressing my instinct
to honestly confess.

I hated that thought
wondered should I also tell
she was the first I had loved that way
and what she lacked I lacked as well.
That beautiful occasion
recalled from my past,
that was our first time,
certainly not our last.

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