The soul has much to say

Tale...of the heart

Write Your will, my story, Lord
Upon a slate, cleansed by Your Hands
Tell it, to those now...and to come
Of Your goodness, Your mercy

Of the day...You claimed me, as Your own

I pray, Your words, will saturate minds
I hope, my life, reflects Your splendor
Don't hold back, on the chapters of failure
For it will, devalue, the notes...of victory

Script, on this tender scroll, unyielding joy
Honor Yourself, glorify Your work...that is me
A project, that's hardly finished
Yet, well on its way

For all the strength, You've given me
...I can't hold You, tight enough
For all the love, within me
...I can't adore You, enough

Pen Your promises,
sign Your name,
a dedication to the Father
...from the blood, You shed

A tale, of enduring
The theme, of reclamation
Fiction, has no place, here
My every breath, recorded

By the Author and Finisher...of my faith

*Hebrews 12:2*

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Tale...of the heart

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