exhale the quiet


    As if to meet the moon I walked out to the driveways end, their the silent wind met me
but I had no words...
   The rustic leaves clamored about with less concern for my presence , and in kind I payed them little attention and in their stead turn my thoughts to the giving breeze and from their to the night.
   The moon is here, but not to be seen, its a night to feel (sometimes I hate these)...
   The sky was different, different to see different to be beneath, the clouds lumbered their black mass across the face of a perfect full moon... a beautiful apocalypse, I felt like a badman in a dare...
                                                      it called to mind the shove as I tripped,
                                                the coffin of smaller freedoms on grander scale,
                                                being out of my mind, though not out of my body
                                                         and a desire to close the distance...
   It calls to mind the temperance of my fire to a lesser degree, the altercation in my trilogy, mind body and spirit... the red, yellow and green lights and how I now obey.
   It calls to mind how I've moved so to the middle...from a trip to a stumble to a fall, perhaps the longest of my life.

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