The soul has much to say

Wild, hearts


My stride has gotten stronger, over the years
Open plains, Scottish highlands
The course, varies, every day
No matter, the terrain

...I always set the path, on fire

I remember, the watering holes
Fictitious, oasis
Total recall, of indifferent pastures
More weeds, than grass

Still, hungry, after all this time

Galloping, under the cover of night
I see her, off in the distance
For so long, I thought she was running
In reality, shes been waiting for me catch, up

The sweet scent of the wind
Her, whispering my name
When my body grew weary,
her warm heart, stoked my desire

My feet, became like flames

Our pace, eternally, set
The world, is ours, to roam
The love, is ours, to own
We were meant, to be just took, a little time

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Wild, hearts

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