The soul has much to say



The heartbeat, of northern Syracuse
A soul of blue, the blood of western NY
Infinite picnics, first dates...a bed of hope
The well of life, within the Appalachian

My mark, can be found, all over
My fossil, buried there, in the mid '70s
Hot dogs, buttered crab meat, baseball
The discovery of, "She's so pretty"

Bicycle rides, secret sips of beer
My mom, the prettiest woman in the world
A baby sister, clinging, to her brother
I skip rocks...all the way, to Liverpool

It was fishing, with my uncle
My head filled, with the Doobie Brothers
My feet led, by Marvin Gaye
Dusk, meant staring into, my tomorrow

Only nine years old, yet, I understood
This was...still is, a special place
One day, a road trip, with my true love
We'll unearth, my childhood, my moments of joy

There are new memories, to be made
Built upon the foundation, of the old
I'll kiss her, in the shadow of Salina and Geddes
Two towns, blessed to border, this man-made oasis

My hearts getting, full
Time to wear out, "China Grove"
Wonder, if my secret still a secret
Guess, it's time to find out

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