The soul has much to say



Nights, like these
Are made, for miracles
A time, when the memories
...drown out the quiet

My heart's not broken
The only true heartache,
would be, for God to rescind
...His love

Praise Him, for never doing, so

"Drip, drop, drip, drop"
Should've fixed, the faucet
My mind, was elsewhere, today
...heard, from an angel

I can still feel, her heartbeat
The warmth of her, next to me
Her soft feet, placed, upon mine
Right hand, over left shoulder

I kiss, her fingertips

She appreciates, me
My kindness, encouragement
What she doesn't understand?
Loving her, all I know how, to do

In the dark, everything is equal
My phone, has no life
I stare at it, looking for light
Listening out, for a whisper

Her silence, reads, like a novel
Must, respect it
Have to, respect it
My soul, longs for a home

...I wish, to own

She's looking, for acceptance
She's listening, for His voice
He'll come to her, in the form of an embrace
Her tunnel vision, be that of peace

Never, got the chance to share
I relished, her subconscious state
It was my time, to hush...the nightmares
"Drip, drop, drip, drop"

...the dawn, is breaking through

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